Hi, I’m Rabbi Paul Lewin and I’d like to welcome you to my site. Let me tell you a little about me and why you should follow me. My journey begins with a life-changing experience.

In  1989 I had the chance to attend a week-long Yeshiva programme in Johannesburg, South Africa. When I returned, I went to my parents and told them that I want to become a Rabbi. They, a little shocked asked me a reasonable question, a simple but deep one, why?

The answer that I gave them then, has been the same one I have been giving for the past 30 years. I want to share the beauty, depth, and grandeur of Judaism with my friends. This single event set me on a path that I continue to this day.

I was born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa. After school, I went on a gap year to the famous Yeshivat Har Etzion in Israel, where I studied for 10 years. During this time I completed a BA in Psychology and Education from UNISA as well as a Diploma of Education through the Herzog Institute.

yeshiva learning
Yeshivat Har Etzion

In 1994, I went back to South Africa to pilot a learning programme for the community known as the Yeshiva of Cape Town, a unique educational model to bring Hesder Yeshiva boys to teach in a Diaspora community. The success of that pilot programme has seen the emergence of similar programmes worldwide.

In 1997 I traveled to Australia as part of a team to inspire Jewish students in Sydney and Melbourne. It was in Sydney that I met my wife Talya and was offered a job. From 2000-2003  I worked as the Head of Informal Jewish Education at Masada College and Youth Rabbi at Kehillat Masada.

Rabbi Paul and Talya Lewin

In 2004, I was appointed the Senior Rabbi of The North Shore Synagogue, a position that I hold till today. I have a passion for teaching. My youngest students are aged 3 and my oldest is a spritely 98-year-old!

In addition to my role as Rabbi of The North Shore Synagogue, which sees me involved in all aspects of the life of my community, I also serve as the College Rabbi of Masada College. There I teach across all ages from the preschool students to senior high school.

My experience in the field of education has meant that I am a sought after teacher and lecturer on Judaism on behalf of the New South Wales Jewish Board of education, lecturing senior students as well as staff on the HSC (year12) Studies of Religion syllabus, as well as guiding 100s of school groups in the Shul.

I run weekly Shiurim, including with the seniors’ group where I lecture on the weekly events and upcoming Chaggim.

Together with Pastor Paul Jung, we helped to launch the Israel Institute of Sydney dedicated to teaching the Korean community about Judaism and Israel.

My role has given me the chance to meet incredible people. From famous Rabbis and educators to politicians and living legends like Natan Sharansky. These encounters have shaped me and given me insights and messages that I share with my students.

Rabbi Lewin

Talya and I are blessed with seven children.

about me Lewin Family

Together let’s work to inspire you and the next generation.

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  1. Peter O'Connor

    Hey Paul, got your message today (from Greg Nixon) to say hello, Mazal Tov. Nice to hear from you and great to see this site with your lovely family. Hope you are all happy and healthy.
    If ever you get down to Narooma way drop in and I’ll cook you the best Kosher meal you’ve ever had!
    Best from Peter and Terry
    Peter O’Connor (ex Executive Chef Cherry Bim)

  2. Jeffrey

    Shanah Tovah Hello Rabbi Lewin! My name is Jeffrey. I am going to try to make a deliberate effort to put on tefillin more frequently—-one of my Rabbis is purchasing tefillin for me. I was looking for YouTube videos on how to both properly put on and put away tefillin. B’Ezrat Hashem I found your YouTube videos on both of these topics….and they were excellent–extremely valuable and helpful. Step-by-step easy to follow and review..if Jeffrey can follow the video, the video is wonderful! Thank you very much for making both of these videos! Hatzlachah Rabbah Kol tuv Best to you and to your family!!

    1. RabbiLewin

      Thank you Jeffrey. Please come and join us in the Facebook group and on social media.

  3. Gerry

    Hello i am also lewin. And i did have some family in south africa too, they moved to Australia. Do you have cousins in australia?

    1. RabbiLewin

      Hi Gerry I’m originally from South Africa and now am in Australia. Not related to any Lewin that we know of there.

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