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Parashat Tetzaveh

Parashat Tetzaveh-The Tamid Jew

Parashat Tetzaveh Parashat Tetzaveh continues with the list of instructions about building the Mishkan. This week the focus is on the Kohanim, their clothes and their dedication ceremony. This was ...
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Parashat Terumah

Parashat Terumah-The Shul Standing At Sinai.

Parashat Terumah Parashat Terumah opens with the command to build a Mishkan- sanctuary or Tabernacle. The Parasha introduces the second half of the book of Exodus- the instruction about building ...
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Parashat Mishpatim

Parashat Mishpatim Judaism A Dynamic Religion

Parashat Mishpatim Parashat Mishpatim lays out for us multiple mitzvot- commandments. As a set table of rules, the Torah guides us through the challenges of modern life. One such challenge ...
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Parashat Yitro

Parashat Yitro-The Timeless Document

Parashat Yitro In Parashat Yitro we are told about the revelation at Sinai.It was the most unique experience in human history! For the first time, Hashem appeared to an entire ...
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Parashat Beshalach

Parashat Beshalach More Than One Path

Parashat Beshalach Parashat Beshalach tells the story about the Splitting of the Red Sea. Traditionally, we know that the sea split in one path. As is depicted by Hollywood. But ...
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Parshat Bo

Parashat Bo | Parshat Bo Safeguarding Judaism

Parashat Bo Parashat Bo reaches the high point of the Exodus story, the final 3 plagues and the Jews are free. How do we remember these events? Let's investigate. Parshat ...
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Parshat Vaera

Parashat Vaera – The Pharaoh Complex

Parashat Vaera – The Pharaoh Complex Parashat Vaera Parashat Vaera pits Moses and Aharon against Pharaoh. Pharaoh has no name. Could it be that the Torah is not only talking ...
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Parashat Shemot

Parshat Shemot: Shemot The Road Is Long

Parshat Shemot Parshat Shemot opens our new book, the Book of Shemot - Exodus. Last week we completed the Book of Bereishit with Parshat Vayechi, with Jacob dying and the ...
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Parshat Vayehi

Parashat Vayechi Our Children’s Jewish Connection

Parshat Vayechi This week we read Parashat Vayechi. We continue with the story of Joseph and his two sons Ephraim and Menashe. What makes these 2 boys so special? Why ...
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