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Toldot Parshah

Parashat Toldot: Toldot Don’t Be An Esau

Parshat Toldot Parashat Toldot introduces us to the next generation after Abraham. Isaac and Rebecca struggle to have children and it is only after 20 years that they are blessed ...
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Chayei Sarah

Parshat Chayei Sarah So You Had A Bad Day

Parashat Chayei Sarah Parshat Chayei Sarah addresses the question of dealing with a stressful situation. A funeral of a loved one is one such moment and how Abraham responds is ...
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Vayera in a nutshell

Parashat Vayera-The Power Of Prayer.

Parshat Vayera Dvar Torah This week we read Parashat Vayera. What does Vayera mean? Vayera means that G-d shows himself to Abraham. This refers to the time when the angels ...
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Parashat Lech Lecha

Parashat Lech Lecha The Jewish Way

Parshat Lech Lecha In this week’s Torah portion, parashat Lech Lecha we are introduced to Abraham, the father of the Jewish People. Abraham is the trailblazer, the knight of faith, ...
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Parashat Noach in a nutshell

Parashat Noach -Educating Children In Difficult Times

Parashat Noach 2021 Parashat Noach is one of the most famous stories in the Bible. The story how Noach and his family are commanded by Hashem to build an ark ...
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Parashat Bereishit Did Adam and Eve Sin?

Parashat Bereishit 2019 / 5780 Parashat Bereishit is the first Parasha, the weekly Torah reading that we read since we celebrated Simchat Torah. We start a new cycle in the ...
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Meaning of sukkut

What Does Sukkot Mean?

Sukkot Meaning Sukkot is a seven-day celebration. It is the third of the Pilgrim festivals, together with Pesach and Shavuot, that was celebrated in Jerusalem. In days gone by, it ...
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Parashat Ha'azinu

Parashat Ha’azinu The Song Of History

Parashat Ha'azinu This week's parasha is Parashat Ha'azinu. The parasha between Yom Kippur and the upcoming festival of Sukkot. Parashat Ha'azinu Summary The song of Moses Hashem's kindness to Israel ...
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Parashat Vayelech

Parashat Vayelech Don’t Silence Your Kids

Parashat Vayelech Parashat Vayelech the first Parasha for the Jewish New Year. What does the Torah see as one of the most important issues in the Jewish community? Parshat Vayelech ...
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