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Ideas For Setting Your Passover Table


Ideas for Passover Seder Table Setting

Looking for ideas for setting your Passover table? Here are a few. Passover Table Setting IdeasThe more your kids are involved in the preparations for Passover the more they will enjoy it.

Have Lego or Playmobile at home? It’s time they left Egypt together with the rest of the Israelites! Your kids will love setting the table and it will keep them busy when the Seder gets a little too much for them.





Now you may want to take the concept of freedom and go for the more ethnic route. Have your family and guests sit on the floor leaning on cushions etc. Check out this Passover table setting that we did in our home for many years. 

pesach table setting

To help you with your Passover table setting here is a checklist so that you don’t forget anything important. There are quite a few small details that you need to remember.

If you have some extra time, how about this table decoration? 

Seder Table setting ideas

Sometimes, Seder night can be rather stressful, but take a step back, look at your beautiful table, your loving family and enjoy it. Seder night is a time for family and friends to get together, ask questions, travel back in time as if you were a slave in Egypt. 

Seder Plate Checklist

✔️Shankbone (chicken neck or chicken wing)

✔️Hard Boiled eggseder plate

✔️Marror – bitter herbs- Horseraddish

✔️Charoset- a paste of apple, nuts, wine and cinnamon. Sephardim use dates instead of apples

✔️Karpas- Parsely/ potato

✔️Chazeret – Lettuce

Checklist For Seder Night

✔️Seder Plate

✔️Haggadah for each participant

✔️Elijah’s cup

✔️Cover for the Afikoman and matzahs

✔️Salt Water


✔️Shmurah Matzah


✔️Lots of wine and grape juice

✔️Pillows/cushions to lean on.

Click here to get your free downloadable Checklist for Passover and 20 questions to ask your family at the Seder Table. 

I hope this gives you some Passover table setting ideas that will also involve your children. I hope the checklist is also helpful. May you have a wonderful Pesach and may you too enjoy setting yourself free from your chains of slavery. 

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  1. Hadassah

    hi, I love your table decoration. where do we find the figurines

    1. Rabbi lewin

      We used play mobile figurines. But you can find others at unit local toy shop. Chag Sameach

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