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Kashering Kitchen For Pesach- A Quick Guide


Making The Kitchen Kosher For Passover

One of the most important preparations for Pesach is kashering the kitchen and the utensils.

This process is done through a number of ways and is used to remove Chametz from our possession.

  1. Check all cupboards, drawers and chairs for Chametz
  2. Check all rooms that you normally eat in for Chametz
  3. This includes the car, baby chairs and toys
  4. In the kitchen, make sure to finish the Chametz in your possession
  5. If you cannot then there is a mechanism called Mechirat Chametz which allows one to set aside a cupboard for all the Chametz. Lock the cupboard and sell the Chametz to a non-Jew. This can be done through the Rabbi or shul.
  6. All food areas need to be koshered before cooking for Pesach.

 Kashering The Oven For Pesach

kashering oven

Oven and stoves need to be thoroughly cleaned. Switch on to highest settings for 20-30 mins. For stoves cover with a metal baking or oven tray. Cover the stove with the tray and allow the heat to burn for 20 mins. (Please note that you cannot kasher the baking tray itself for Pesach)

Kashering The Microwave For Pesach

kashering the microwave

Many don’t use them on Pesach. But to Kasher make sure the microwave is clean. Place a cup of water and cook water for 5 minutes. Wipe off the water. Cover the glass plate with plastic and make sure to cover all food and good to use.

Kitchen Surfaces

kashering surfaces

Many rely on the granite and just needs a good clean. Others cover all food areas for Pesach.

Sinks: Make sure clean and Kasher with boiling water.

Kashering DishwashersKashering the dishwasher

 Most do not use over Pesach. If you want to use. Then get a separate set of racks.

Rest Of Kitchen

  1. Bins: should be cleaned.
  2. Clean fridges
  3. Clean the floors.

Kashering Metal – Serving Spoons and More

To Kasher metal cutlery and Kiddush cups. Boil a pot of water. Make sure the water overflows the lip of the pot. Place contents in the water for a minute and remove.


PLEASE BE CAREFUL AS WE ARE WORKING WITH BOILING WATER. Rinse with cold water after and good to go.

Wishing you a Chag Kasher Vesameach.

Download your Pesach Checklist and 20 Questions to ask at your Seder here


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